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09-02-2010 13:19 - ProFurgol V3.0 is working

Hi ProFurgolers,

V3.0 has given to ProFurgol.com an original stamp in our world where everything is invented, because of that we are very happy and proud of. We are the first football manager that has a motor engine based on 7-a side football. But we're not going to stop, we want to have an original stamp, something would give us the oportunity to be originals and improve the game climbing a big step. Our youth players aren't only in ours youth teams but they are over the field proving their value to everyone, this is a big step of PRO but still bigger for everymanager, because now we have not only the control of one team but two diferent teams. All of you can be sure that we'll cotinue working and improving that we recognize this is the begining... We'll never stop, the imagine is out limit.

We wanted to tell more deeply things of ProFurgol V3.0, it's working so good and your answer has been terrific. Before to give you some data we wanted to tell how new version is helping us to improve and fix internal things of the game. It is giving us a lot of options to do small retouchs and do the damages as small as possible. We are working in the shadow to develop some novelties that they will be ready for the next season, growing up our ME and other things also.

The new defensive focus tactics on youth matches are working very good and we believe that they are a good improve for ME, giving us more options when we are doing our line-ups with more powers for the manager to make decisions and decide about everything of his team. For us is very important that everymanager has more and more options to customize and decide his own way to get success. This second ME is giving to us more time and space to receive logs and procces them to fix small problems.

I think that it would be very interesting share some data about ProFurgol V3.0

• Arround 750 youth matches are played everyweek.
• Hundreds of beat matches everyweek.
• More than 4.000 testers players trying to give advice to our youth players.
• More than 1.500 teams have 1 tester player as minimum in their youth teams.
• Thousands of form variations.
• Thousands of experience variations.
• The formation most used is: 3-2-1
• The defensive focus tactic most used is: Both sides

P.D. I promise you to publish more post as often as possible, sorry!

Pedro  ↔  15 Comments 

24-11-2009 22:38 - Searching to be original

Searching the secret to be a special football manager, something to be original and nobody has ever.

The search has given result, but the hardest has been develop the idea in numbers and formulas. And it is going to make the form until convert this idea in reality. The result is ProFurgol.com V3.0, the result is too big for the game and it will be very important for everyone and it deserver this upgrading version.

This large jump improve playability, enjoy and of course increase new ways of strategy following and claim the sucess. Our intention has been always to do a football manager at 100% based on strategy, it means that everyone have as much more tools and better to take control over his team in all leves. We don't want to be a simply and easy manager, but dificult and complicated either. We don't want to obligate for everyone to pass here too many hours to be able taking control the team also, but if somebody wants to pass here many time he will have a lot of tools to study oponents, deciding his own strategy sport or economical with only limit, imagine.

The new noveltie, as other last changes on last season, is for us much easier develop and work in new tools and improvements, trying to minimize mistakes and bugs, because of that consecuences after this changes day per day are less, and this is the most interesting thing for us. Because we know how you fell after to suffer a bug, we work everyday to improve our reliability.

We are so sure that this large jump is justified and it will be something to give us the oportunity to grew up as a Game and everybody enjoy much more than before. I has been so excited to do it, almost all new tools are, wath the design, new links and tolls when you know that no more some weeks behind today everything was numbers and letters, this is so excited and incredible.

Even so we have so clear that this is only one step in all that we have to do together. 2 years ago, when PRO was born a lot of people didn't beleive in our promise about to improve the game day a day. Today thanks to all of you this is a reality. 8 season late some of our users, even if he has been here no more than 2 months, he can check that this promise is true, and it's not only an slogan or a simply phrase, it's a declaration of principles by us for everyone wants to play here.

On the next sunday (29-11-2009) we are giving more information about the next jump to ProFurgol.com V3.0, coming soon!!!

Pedro  ↔  19 Comments 

28-07-2009 20:50 - Our Obsesions

I'm gonna tell you some of our obsesions that we have everyday when we get up in the morning:

Our begining obsesion were to create a game that it was addicted (in good sense) to everybody and above all that it's not a difficult to understand for the new users who could understand fast how PRO works.

When we develop new tools and options, the biggest problem is to develop something easy to understand and dificult to take control them in the same time, but if we would develop something hard to understand it would have not sense to do it. Even so day a day it's more dificult to create new improvements, this is more interesting and give motivation to us creating new originals improvements like: negociations with coaches, injurys with names, influence from referees in a match ...

Everything are designed not only easy to unserstand for old users if not for new users also who find out more options and tools in their hands, and if it were more dificult they would have a lof of problems in their first steps in PRO.

As well the new improvements, each day we try to create new designs or tools (like Godparents system) for new users can see here not only a game where they have a Team control, but they can meet new friends, enter into a comunity and see how many users are interesting in share their knowlegde and help the new users in their first steps in PRO.

We've another obsesion also, heard the comunity, ideas about new improvements or ideas to future improvements. This is not possible if we're not into the forums and allways hearding the comunity wants to tell us. There are a lot of examples that comunity gave us idea and after it we did like: World Cup draws, the referees, more kind of VIP stats, analyst, scout, double focus attacks, supporter's payment, Godparents sytem... and much more.

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21-06-2009 20:27 - Second PRO's birthday

3 days ago, on 18th June'09, ProFurgol.com was 2 years old, more than 730 days live, we got our dream in these 2 last years. The dream was to create an enjoyable, exciting game with a big comunity created from nothing, where anybody from anycountry without important about his language, race, sex or beliefs could have a place to compete and meet other people.

The user TRA-LTU290 wrote to us something that i want to share with you:

Happy 2nd birthday :))!! I hope you didnt forgot that tomorow is ProFurgol "cake day" (its how we call this celebruty in mine country) ;-)

Im here almost a year now and when i remeber how this game looked then i can say only... Wow, so many great things made in that time, (bigger resoliution, 3 nt's, fraternitys, friendly tournaments, flag counters, all these naturalization processes, much more and intresting stats, ofcorse profurgol V2.0 changes and much more..). Its one of the few games where you can see main developer chating in forums and also having chance to offer some ideas and maybe see them come true :) I hope this year will be as good or even better than last, good luck reaching your new goals, we are hoping that you are planing some surprises in future for us, like always ^_^

Sincerously after reading this message we haven't got anything to add, even though we'll never get tired repeting one and thounsands times that this game is doing with every user and the comunity has allways been and will be the most important in developing and grouth for this game, thanks to everybody.

As well, I think that it would be very interesting to do a litle compared to the first month on PRO on 2007 between last entire month in 2009 until today, I hope that this data will be interesting for you:

»» JULY 2007

Users: 350
Visits/Month: 7.515
Pages/Month: 202.716
Countries: 3
VIP: 0%
Matches played: 586
Posts in the Forum: 805
Topics in the Forum: 78
Leagues: 380
Platers sold: 81
Bids: 757
National Cups: 0
Tournaments: 0
Fraternitys: 0
National Teams: 0
World Cups: 0
World Cup qualifying: 0
Elections to NT coachs: 0
Seasons: 0
Referees: 0
Injuries: 0

»» MAY 2009

Users: 4.300
Visits/Month: 159.541
Pages/Month: 9.982.435
Countries: 40
VIP: 4-6%
Matches played: 17.071
Posts in the Forum: 24.653
Topics in the Forum: 928
Leagues: 1.450
Players sold: 2.645
Bids: 30.414
National Cups: 120
Tournaments: 43
Fraternitys: 43
National Teams: 120
World Cups: 1
World Cup qualifying: 1
Elections to NT coachs: 2
Seasons: 7
Referees: 11.985
Injuries: 10.583
Pedro  ↔  10 Comments 

18-04-2009 12:33 - How did PRO start ?

When we had decided to create this game, the most important is to know what kind of game we would like to create and what should be the begining of it. The name of the game is very important, i'll public another article explaining why this name.

We thought that the most important to start should be the matches engine and skin. Livia started the skin, official logo... And I started with YRobla the first necesary steps from a blank page.

Skin was designed without frames with only one menu on the left with all options (all that you want you can find it in one link from this menu), as well it was necessary an space for publicity banners. This first design was made for a resolution 800*600, Livia hada lot of problems with text on menu and tables on principal place, because it had few space avaible in this resolution. Livia has never liked football. For that to make first icons and logos was very dificult for her, but she learned all very fast. She watched matches on TV with me and hearded sport programs on Radio. It was very funny to explain her the meaning off skills, training, offside...

In this link you can see the first design of PRO (First Design 800*600), the actual design is done for 1024*768 resolution.

Matches engine was my obsession from the begining. I thought and think that a very good matches engine is the most important in this kind of game, and I've allways had very clear that I wantes to create a game where I'm the first user happy, if not is ridiculous make something that you don't like, so I want to love it not only like it. The actual matches engine has more than 6.000 lines of code in PHP and 260Kb of size, only direct functions and routines, but if you catch also indirect functions probably would have more than 15.000 lines of code. We started this file in blank page without any idea how to start but with the idea of the result totally clear. YRobla and I started with the first functions, line-up, skill of players, zone of attack and defense, spectators. Many variables and more things that all of them could affect in every play of the match.

I want to create an engine with looks like as possible real football. In football all plays start in one place and end in another place with shot, fault, off-side... I had seen in other games that all plays started from nothing and in more cases only told then end of the play and it was very dificult to know how, when and why the reason for you scored a goal or fail an oportunity. For that I wanted to create plays starts in one zone of the field and the player who started playing it he was playing near this zone and didn't move from 100 meters of the other side in only one second lika a ghost. All plays in this game has some sense and for that is very very important make a good tactic and choose the focus of your attacks (this is like a trainer from his area shout to his players ordering how attack). In another article in future is possible to talk much more about matches engine.

After to finish the first version of matches engine (more than 10 months) without injurys, referee, national teams, cup matches. We started to develop the part that you can see now, the face of the game. To create something from nothing was a incredible and amazing experience.

Now the game needs more than 150 files working together, with many automatically scripts, other manual and other functions working from your finger and mouse (these are the most dangerous, because is impossible check all results of the one new application). The data base has now 1.5 Gb, more than 250 tables perfectly indexed to work so good and faster.

This is a litle briefing about how started PRO and how is working now. In next articles I maybe explain much better other thigs about it.

Pedro  ↔  12 Comments 

04-04-2009 18:34 - Why was PRO created ?

Hi my friends of PRO,

I want to start this blog telling why PRO was created, i think that this is a good idea to everybody know more about of PRO and the person who created this game.

My name is Pedro, i’m 31 years old from Spain. I’ve been working in the Internet since 1999, for that i never had much time to play games online. But one day on 2003 i knew one wonderfull game of soccer, i’ve allways loved this kind of games but i’d allways played them in my PC. So i played and enjoyed this game for some years with more activity and more love put there into my players, team, transfers, matches, friends that i knew there...

But one day i’ve received a ban of my team for telling me that i was a cheater. Of course it was a lie i wasn’t a cheater and i had not done anything wrong, but one of the admins in this game hates me (still today i don’t know why), and he found a ridiculous reason for ban me. This ridiculous log file it was that my brother went to my house and try to conect into his account (he lived in his house, never had shared conection until this day) and my firefox, more people know it, remember user and pass when you enter into a website require them, so he change the username and when he must to use TAB or mouse to change the pointer of mouse for change pass too, he pressed ENTER and then he tried to enter into this game with his user and my pass, this ridiculous error was taken to this admin for ban me. I tried to speak and explain what happends and why i had banned, nobody told me something, but i investigated and found that the reason is this ridiculous one error log-in. Then i started a campaign with my Federation and more than 150 users support me and my friends. After 2 days i received reasons, explanations and one oportunity to explain me, after my explanation and his investigations, they decided give back both teams.

This new situation got angry myself to much (give back for we had made disturb and have many users behind me), i hate injustices and i hate diferent levels of justice depends who is the accused.

I was all day very angry and my wife told me, leave complaining and do something, why you don’t think in positive and create your own Game with your Rules and without injustices. Since this day make this kind of game has been my obsession and my dream.

And this day together (i’m developer and she’s designer) decided that we want to make one game without injustices with more people enjoy there, with a big comunity with armony, funny game, enjoyable and where a place to everybody have good time here. Yes you can think that we are an utopian people, but we think that if nobody try to fix the problems and created something better the best way is seat down, quit and shut up at the end of the class. Sorry we can’t shut up when we’ve seen a big injustice in our face.

We are only a game that it wants to be a good game, not the best or the biggest, because more people will think this is the best or the worst, but we can allways tell with proud we try to make better than yesterday and make it all we can and we know.

P.D. Is very important to comment that this article wasn't written against other game or admins (there are many good games and good admins on internet), this is only a related of my personal story, and after happended it this game started. But we are humans not robots and for that is probably we make wrong things but we try to make less as possible.

Pedro  ↔  34 Comments 

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